How does being Organized help your Productivity?



Blog submitted by NAPO President, Ellen Delap

Traditionally, the beginning of the new year has served as the starting line for goal setting, self-improvement and change. One of the top New Year’s goals has been getting organized. Since 2003, NAPO, the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, has celebrated Get Organized Month – GO Month! This year, to emphasize the recent bylaws change, NAPO is adding “Be Productive” to our theme as well. In 2018 NAPO will highlight how being organized not only benefits you and but also leads you to greater productivity.

NAPO clients know the value of being organized. Organization relieves stress, saves you money, and gives you the most valuable asset of all – time. Having more time, working to your greatest potential and being more efficient are directly linked to increased productivity. Statistics show the connection between organization and productivity. According to Forbes, the typical executive today wastes almost one month a year searching for lost information. According to the American Demographic Society, Americans waste more than 9 million hours each day looking for lost and misplaced articles. Not surprisingly, being organized helps everyone to be more efficient and effective.

My clients crave productivity! In our first session together, clients ask, “how do I get more done?” I am conscious that my clients’ perceived their goals are to become more organized.  More specifically, their goals are to be more productive. With an organized, decluttered desk top, my clients work at an efficient desk where they operate without distractions. When a client’s electronic documents are organized, they work without losing time searching their computer. At home when there are specific spots for keys and an organized closet, my client gets out of the house quickly. When we work to create family calendars, routines and responsibilities, families happily gather together for dinner at home in the evening. When living an organized life, my clients see themselves as more productive and happier. Being organized enables you to accomplish more. In my client’s quest for organization, they strive to be productive and are able to complete important tasks for their work and their families.

I encourage you, this new year, to begin by taking baby steps to accomplish your productivity goals. Organize one area of your life at a time to create a more productive lifestyle or work space. With laser focus on that one new habit, you will find yourself using your strengths, and January 2018 will be the start of your most productive year ever!

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3 thoughts on “How does being Organized help your Productivity?

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    1. I am very sorry that you are receiving these in error. We will connect with wordpress to find out why your “unsubscribe” has not worked. Thank you for your patience.

  2. I used to spend mornings stressed out because I’d run around the house looking for my keys. Then I bought a car with a button to start it and tossed my keys into my purse. Now I searched for my keys to leave the house and search/dig for my keys to get back into my house. It almost drove me over the edge. But, I imagined a solution and couldn’t find it anywhere so I set out to invent the KEYSIE. It’s a new take on a key wallet that keeps your keys, ID and credit card neatly dressed and at your side. My stressful mornings dissapeared!!! My secret is that you can unlock your door while your keys are attached to your purse so your can’t misplace them. Disclaimer: sometimes I misplace my purse. But my purse takes only a minute to find where searching for keys alone is frustrating,increses your stress and ruins your day.

    My journey started a little over 2 years ago with many prototypes and testing to be sure all is secure yet easy to attach and detach and compact and cute.

    I’m making them myself currently with high quality leather and am looking into having them manufactured so that all my disorganized fellow women may enjoy this new convenience and stress free mornings as I do!

    I could use a hand getting the word out as a solo entrapraneur : )

    Thank you and Happy New Year!!!!
    Contact me with any questions : )

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