Back To “IT” – Work, School, and Schedule Transitions

On the first day of September there was actually a chill in the air.  It was like someone flipped a switch and for the first time this season, on the east coast, it felt like fall.  This change in the weather is indicative of a myriad of other changes: days become noticeably shorter; work schedules that had been a little slower during the summer months begin to pick up pace again; children are headed back to school and suddenly we find ourselves deep in the throes of the “t” word – Transition.

This month, the NAPO blog will focus on how the Organizing and Productivity industry faces change.  How are transitions made?  More importantly, how are they made smoothly and efficiently? NAPO will investigate not only the transition from one phase of life into another, but also the transition back – back to “normal” or even a new normal.  During September, NAPO wants to hear from new members and seasoned professionals alike: How do you get “Back To IT?”  How do Productivity and Organizing Professionals return to “normal” schedules, how do they help clients tranistion and how do they help clients achieve their goals?

NAPO itself has experienced some significant transitions over the last few months.  Some of these transitions include the DBA intiative which changed NAPO’s doing-business-as name to the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, the new NAPO logo, the new “Multi Person Business” dues structure and even a new format for annual conference at NAPO2018.  Transition often breeds new energy, a fresh outlook and renewed sense of purpose.  As individuals and organizations transition the return to “normal” is a part of that transition.

When we talk about “getting back to normal” we note that transition can occur due to just about anything.  Getting back to normal can simply be the result of the passing of time: Time to go back to school.  It can be the result of a life event: We just had a baby!  It can occur after following a career change: I just got a new job!  Or even as the result of personal loss or a tragedy.  This month, particularly in light of the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas, and surrounding southern states, the professional insights of NAPO members are as important as ever.  As hundreds of thousands of people try to return to a “new normal” what strategies, methods and techniques can be employed to help them get “Back To IT?”

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Submitted by: Kahra Buss, NAPO HQ, Membership Communications Manager

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