6 Ways You Can Use Self-Storage to Relieve Stress in Your Home or Business

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Stress is very common both at home and in the workplace, all throughout America. Though there are many ways natural home and business life can cause stress, your possessions don’t have to be one of them. See the 6 most common ways self-storage units can help you relax both in the home and in your business.

1. Reduces Clutter
Clutter is a known stress-causer. Disorganization leads to an overstimulated mind which makes all of our senses work doubly hard, thus causing mental strain and anxiety. Self-storage is particularly helpful in relieving mess-induced anxiousness, both in the home and in a business. Families who utilize self-storage to clear out their homes of unnecessary belongings have claimed they feel a sense of happiness and alleviation. The increased space in their home ultimately leads to an increased space in the mind, allowing them to relax and mitigate the strain clutter can place on their psyche.

Businesses which use self-storage often claim these same stress-relieving facts for their employees. Workers who can anticipate returning to a clean work environment often feel more focused and capable of handling day-to-day tasks. Their tasks often feel less burdensome, and most claim happier and more content employee relationships.

2. Keeps Records Organized
Families and business owners alike are often responsible for filing and protecting important documents. For a family, these documents often include social security cards, birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, and even tax documents. Tax records are also important to businesses, whereas they also commonly keep employee files, income ledgers, and contracts from different business negotiations. The organization of these documents is always particularly stressful. There is a lot of importance on keeping these records safe. Storage units which are used for housing important documents often assuage the concerns of safety by not only providing space, but also peace of mind. Documents are generally more secure in storage and are less likely to theft or exposure to the elements.

3. Creates More Productivity
Storage units are also helpful for homes and business to become more productive. As families clear out belongings from a spare room or basement, for example, those spaces can be utilized as a home office or study room for their kids. If a family simply moves their belongings from their current storage spot in the garage to their own unit, it will give them space to park their vehicles. And there is nothing more relaxing than being able to access your vehicle in the comfort of your own home.

As for businesses, storage can also create an atmosphere of creativity and productivity. Employees, with less cognitive burden, are free to think about creative projects that can enhance the business. Due to their increased focus, they also remain more on point and can fulfill their tasks faster and with more accuracy, ending the stressful “treadmill syndrome”. Storage units ultimately save families time and money, which increases the potential for productive output.

4. Helps Reduce Uncertainty
One of the biggest stressors in the home or workplace is dealing with uncertainty. Any unexpected or misunderstood changes often cause undue stress to family members and employees. Our souls strive for constants, and even though change can be good, it can cause undue stress for everyone involved. Storage units are great helping families and businesses who are going through any uncertain or changing times. For those families who are moving, expecting a baby, have experienced the loss of a job, or who have lost a loved one can always turn to storage units to help. Business who are downsizing, restructuring, going through financial crises, or who need to expand and grow will also find relief in our storage units. Those uncertain times will always be met with solid and unwavering expectations that your belongings are safe in our care.

5. Secures items
Nearly 2 million home break-ins are reported each year, and this doesn’t account for the number of burglaries associated with businesses. Families and businesses who have valuable items are at risk of home burglary, and even precious documents that contain your identity could be stolen. The good news is that the number of break-ins for storage units is substantially less. Units with good security, video monitoring, gated access, strict no-loitering rules, and flexible but stringent hours of operation are more likely to mitigate any risk associated with vandalism or theft. Family members and business owners both feel much more relaxed when they keep valuable assets in their storage units.

6. Provides Climate Control/Moisture Control
One of the most frustrating and stressful things that families and business owners face is natural destruction of their property. Whether it is due to extremes in temperature or overexposure to sun or humidity, the elements can compromise the integrity of some items which are not stored properly, much to the demise of their owners. Families often find relief from these damaging factors by storing their photos, aging pieces of furniture, or precious clothing items. Businesses will use climate-controlled storage units to protect electronics, desks, and leather upholstery for the same reason. Any of these uses can help manage their anxiety over belongings and ensure protection and inner-peace.

Getting Self-Storage Today
Getting self-storage for your family or business is easy. There are many self-storage facilities you can choose from which will offer you the peace of mind you are looking for. Take a deep breath, relax, and find a storage unit that will bring zen into your life.

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