Tidy Living Brand Ambassador Program


One of the best ways for people who love a product or service to help out when it comes time to spread the word is through brand ambassadorship. Being a brand ambassador often allows individuals to help spread the word about a brand or product while making money at it. Tidy Living is no exception. The Tidy Living Brand Ambassador Program is designed to help individuals achieve success by providing the support and materials you need to spread the word about Tidy Living products.

Based in Ontario, California, Tidy Living is a leading supplier and manufacturer of organizational products for the home. The company has been producing products for organizing personal spaces in the home and supplying them to retailers since 2005, but has just recently launched its online division. Customers in the US and Canada will have direct access to laundry accessories, garment care, organization tools and home storage that is designed to make their lives easier and less stressful.

Duties and Responsibilities

As a Tidy Living brand ambassador, you work with the company to present new products and to set up events that help you to introduce the products to a larger audience. That means hosting events as well as seeking out new opportunities to sell the product in venues available in your area. Many sales come from privately hosted even parties, but your entrepreneurial spirit and your creativity can open a number of opportunities for you as well. In addition to hosting private events, you will also:

• Become a source of knowledge about Tidy Living products and the problems they help solve
• Promote the brand and its products throughout your contact list, driving consciousness of its benefits
• Work with us to improve products and services by providing feedback.

Above and beyond those basic duties, you will also have the opportunity to take on some exciting responsibilities that are only available to people who work with us. You will be invited to sample, test, and provide feedback about new products and product variations.

Benefits of Brand Ambassadorship

As a Tidy Living Brand Ambassador, you not only have the ability to help your friends, family, and other social contacts get organized, but you also have the opportunity to participate in a successful and growing company with its own unique culture and community. You will be able to participate in contests to win tickets for sporting events and other great perks for being an active member of the Tidy Living community in addition to the income you earn with us. You also get the opportunity to work closely with local Tidy Living representatives.

Tidy Living Brand Ambassadors are offered important career opportunities, including the opportunity to develop professionally, gain training and experience that will help you succeed with us and elsewhere in your career, and be considered early for local internships with Tidy Living.

Ready to Become a Brand Ambassador?

If you excited by what you have heard and are ready to apply, we have good news! A Brand Ambassador position is open for anyone who has the drive and the commitment to do the work. The benefits are clear, and the application process is transparent. All you need to do is make the time, and the more time you make to drive sales and increase visibility, the more rewarding you will find the job. For more information, or to get yourself started on the application process, go ahead and review our brand ambassador page.

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