July Is a Time to Build Bridges and Connect Outside Your Sphere

As the weather turns warmer there is a shift into “summer mode.” Summer conjures up images of lazy days, a slower pace and a more relaxed outlook. However, in today’s 24-7 world, summer can often create a time of stress for individuals, businesses and organizations alike. Summer mode can mean a change in daily schedules, or a change in planning or it can mean a change in professional or organizational goals. Regardless of what summer mode means, movement to a “new normal” can force an individual or organization to step outside of a comfort zone and to build new bridges and to embrace new practices.

This month, NAPO blog will explore the concept of “building bridges and connecting outside your sphere.” What practices do you employ when schedules change? How do you help clients maximize productivity and stay organized when work, school or planning schedules change? Do you use different strategies when the comfort zone changes, or disappears? The idea of “building bridges” infers not only transition but also providing support for transition. Transition requires a willingness to embrace new ideas, new practices and even new places.

During the month of July, share your insights and professional knowledge about the changes in productivity and organization strategies during “summer mode.” Whether you work with client families who are transitioning into a no-school-schedule summer or professional clients who utilize summer months for planning purposes, Productivity and Organizing Professionals are a wealth of information about how to be and stay productive during a period of change. Whether planning family vacations, facilitating lifestyle transitions or even diving deeper on future goals, “summer mode” may offer individuals and organization the opportunity to not only build those bridges, but travel them as well.

Share your knowledge with the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals this month. Engage with the greater membership and share your thoughts on “Building Bridges – Connecting Outside Your Sphere.” Submit a blog for review today. For more information or questions about the NAPO blog, please contact Kahra Buss at kahra.buss@napo.net.

Blog Courtesy of Kahra F. Buss, NAPO HQ

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