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Are you an experienced, professional organizer looking for additional revenue streams? Or are you new to the professional organizing industry looking to build your business and gain valuable experience? Home Sweet Home, new NAPO National Corporate Associate Member, invites you to continue reading to learn why over 250 other professional organizers have chosen to partner with Home Sweet Home.

Home Sweet Home is an organizing service based in Los Angeles that was founded in 2004. Home Sweet Home’s sole focus is on relocation related activities and service clients throughout the United States and Canada. Having established corporate teams in several locations throughout the US and Canada, Home Sweet Home has been partnering with NAPO organizers since 2007.

Home Sweet Home’s client list boasts many Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 corporations which means organizers partnering with Home Sweet Home have the opportunity to service clients nationally. Home Sweet Home assists the corporations’ relocating employees with unique pre-move, downsizing services and post-move settling-in services. Having contracted with professional organizers Home Sweet Home offers corporate clients the knowledge and security that their employees are in good hands. The skills of a professional organizer are a perfect fit for these relocation services and provide professional organizers the opportunity to augment their existing client-based businesses.

“Home Sweet Home has really helped me build my business and the experience of the organizers on my team”, says Birdie Brennan, a NAPO organizer in central Ohio. “I like the Home Sweet Home jobs because I don’t have to go out and find the clients, which takes a lot of effort in my regular business. Instead, I focus on delivering service and let Home Sweet Home handle the marketing and most of the administrative tasks.”

Organizers have asked if they must pay for leads with Home Sweet Home or if Home Sweet Home is a multi-level marketing company. The answer to both of those is a resounding “No!” Home Sweet Home contacts an organizer when a new customer in the organizers geographic area is ready to use one of the unique Home Sweet Home services. Organizers are given the parameters for the job and then the organizer is responsible for making the call to the client to finalize the schedule. Once organizing services have been completed, the organizers sends an invoice to Home Sweet Home. Payments are sent out bi-weekly. Home Sweet Home is responsible for collecting payments from the clients and pays the organizers directly. Organizers do not have to worry about collecting money from the Home Sweet Home customers.

In 2016, Home Sweet Home contracted with over 250 NAPO organizers and spent close to $2,000,000. Some organizers were needed for a single job and other organizers earned over $100,000 from Home Sweet Home. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity and joining the Home Sweet Home network, please follow the link below:


Organizers can also visit the main website at www.unpackme.com and click on the “Corporate Relocation” button. Home Sweet Home looks forward to partnering with NAPO professionals to provide its clients with professional, outstanding relocation experiences.

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