Livestreaming is an Open Invitation

As they say; when one door closes, another door opens, thus providing an unforeseen opportunity.  As Early-bird Registration closed yesterday for NAPO2017 a new and innovative opportunity for NAPO members is being unveiled.  The NAPO2017 “livestreaming” option.  Livestreaming is the newest interactive platform available to NAPO members which offers a means of participating in sessions for those members who otherwise could not have attended.

Livestreaming is a new feature to NAPO’s annual meeting – a truly interactive component, that allows members the opportunity to not just passively listen to the conference, but also to participate in the sessions.  Active participation allows virtual attendees to ask questions, request additional information, respond to requests and be truly engaged in the annual meeting experience.  This new method of conference participation is a great solution for those members for whom distance, timing and/or pricing is an obstacle.  NAPO is pleased to be able to offer its valued members the opportunity to participate in some of the most engaging and informative sessions being offered.  Livestreaming makes virtual attendees feel as though they are onsite, and truly part of the meeting.

Senior Director, Sue Pine at NAPO2016 in Atlanta, GA


Livestream sessions have been selected based upon attendee session selection and are a select portion of the full professional education component.  However, livestreaming will cover key points of NAPO2017 from the Welcome and Keynote Addresses to the Annual Member Meeting and Awards Ceremony as well as the hottest educational topics of the event.  Livestreaming is the perfect answer for members who are otherwise unable to attend NAPO2017.  Livestreaming registration is $75 per day or $149 for all three days of the conference and the full schedule can be seen here.

According to the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), livestreaming is becoming a larger component of the conference initiatives and one that offers members more flexibility and greater benefits.   Associations that have embraced the livestreaming element of conference, like the American Payroll Association, have seen an overall increase in attendance through virtual attendance and access between 9 and 14%.  This type of increase in virtual attendance means more members are receiving more benefits and are more active within their respective associations.  

Livestreaming is more than just a conference event – it is an invitation to all NAPO members to engage, to become involved and to be active within this amazingly diverse professional organization.  Every member not physically attending the conference, whether Provisional, Professional, Corporate or Emeritus may find value in a one, two or three day virtual package.  These packages offer members the opportunity not only to learn from colleagues and other professionals but also to engage in an information-idea-sharing forum that they can use in their daily professional lives.  

For more information about livestreaming NAPO2017 visit the registration page and join NAPO, live, in Pittsburgh!

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