Making Your Own Way, Letting You Shine Through

NAPO Podcast Standolyn RobertsonTalk. Walk. Do. Review. That’s the process our podcast guest goes through as she works with clients. It’s a way of organizing her time with them and managing expectations about what her work is and how she can help them.

In our 20th episode of NAPO’s podcast, Stand Out – Growing Your Organizing and Productivity Business, host Sarah Karakaian speaks with Standolyn Robertson, CPO® about growing into the business. They get into many of the key issues of the business; education, client expectations, money and much more.

Standolyn is both insightful and funny. Sarah and Standolyn talk about starting out in the industry – and how Standolyn at first thought she invented the field – she was just helping friends organize for a move or for a new baby – and decided to do this as a job, naturally.

Standolyn shares some great stories with Sarah – like the time she shared her hoped-for career path with a male mentor (awhile back) who told her she was describing a wife. NO. Or when she was at a conference and thought her roommate was just killing it reorganizing their hotel room. The roommate had lost a contact. These experiences and others helped shape Standolyn and especially helped her to overcome any impostor syndrome she felt in those early days.

She and Sarah continue the conversation, Standolyn sharing how she began networking on and offline, connecting with peers and learning more and more about skill development and the industry at large.

There’s much more packed into the interview – be sure you take a listen. To check out the podcast and subscribe so you don’t miss an episode, visit:

Standolyn Robertson is an organizing expert, speaker and writer. She founded her business, Things in Place in the year 2000. She offers coaching services and is no stranger to speaking to large audiences either on stage or on camera.

Standolyn has been featured in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Women’s Day, USA Today, the Boston Globe, CBS, Boston, NPR, and the Emmy-nominated show, Hoarders.


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