Bad Things Can Happen to Good People

You’ve heard this phrase before, but you probably think “That’s not me. Really bad things happen to other people.”

I recently spoke to a recipient of a 2018 NAPO Conference Scholarship for some insight into her experience around the NAPO Conference Scholarship process. How she came to need assistance. How she felt about the application process. How her conference experience affected her life.

She has been in business for many years, working to grow a strong business. So when she had financial and health disasters happen in her personal life, they certainly affected her business. She is an active NAPO member, volunteering in several capacities for the organization. But she never considered to ‘ask’ NAPO to give back, in her time of need.

“I had never applied for or received any kind of assistance like this.”

She never considered it until a NAPO colleague encouraged her to do so. As she said, “my pride got in my way”. She didn’t want to be judged for what she perceived as a downfall. “How does that look when someone as serious about NAPO, business education, and professionalism is also going through such a tough time”. [It’s amazing how we are so hard on ourselves.]

But when a she spoke to her colleague, she realized that she could show others that difficulties can happen to anyone, and assistance is available if you reach out.

She also admitted her concern that submitting an application for a scholarship may obligate her to spend more time volunteering for NAPO then she already does. I want to dispel that thought for anyone with that concern. In no way are applicant’s names or any other personal information shared with any other NAPO group. Not even the board knows the applicants or the award winners. Only the scholarship committee is privy to this information and we keep it highly confidential.

The application process is easy and now completely online, so you could experience the same face-to-face interaction with colleagues, next April in Fort Worth, that you can’t get anywhere else.

Attending conference allows you to:

  • Step away from your business for a few days and concentrate on your future – personally and professionally

  • Give yourself alone time (if that is what you are looking for) or great networking time with colleagues

  • Focus on gaining CEUs that can directly affect your education, by learning a new skill or brushing up on an old one

  • Come away refreshed and motivated to work on your business.

So, “don’t let pride or ego get in your way of thinking whether you need the financial support to get to conference. Don’t compare yourself to others.” Just do it. If you have found yourself in a difficult position and think that conference will not be financial viable next Spring, please consider applying for the NAPO Conference Scholarship. You can find the online application link at the bottom of the Scholarship Fund page, under Career Growth on POINT.

I was happy to hear that the universe is turning around more positively for this 2018 scholarship recipient. “The conference scholarship meant more than money to me. It meant hope and support, both locally and nationally.” This year is turning out much better for her. She has launched a productivity side to her business, along with residential organizing.

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