Keeping it Real, Keeping it Simple – Social Media Best Practices with Samantha Pregenzer

We all want a solid social media presence. But finding time to post, finding the right things to showcase or say – wondering if we have anything to say – these are all challenges we face to up our game and share our work on social media.

On this week’s episode of NAPO’s podcast Stand Out – Growing Your Organizing and Productivity Business, host Sarah Karakaian speaks with Samantha Pregenzer about all of these struggles and how to do it your way and let your personality shine online.

Sarah and Samantha have a lively conversation that ranges from photo composition to social media copyright. Samantha has started a series on her blog regarding copyright. Sharing on social media is great, but Samantha raises concerns about getting permission first, attribution, and just being a good online neighbor.

The conversation turns to niches. For Samantha, she has gained a bit of a name for herself by posting frequent photos of refrigerator organization. Her home has a tiny fridge, so this was born of necessity, but has also seemed to strike a chord with many Instagram friends. Another niche is garage organization. Whatever the niche you’re becoming known for, Samantha says, “embrace it.”

What are some tips for taking great photographs for Instagram or other platforms? Samantha shares some of her secrets – like getting the widest shot possible and using natural light whenever possible. She is all about keeping things simple and real.

There’s much more packed into the interview – be sure you take a listen. To check out the podcast and subscribe so you don’t miss an episode, visit:

Samantha is the founder of Simply Organized. She is a residential professional organizer, Evernote community leader, blogger, keynote speaker, Better Homes and Garden style maker for 2016 and 2017 and has been featured in Family Circle magazine, Redbook magazine,, Huffington Post, Good Housekeeping, Buzzfeed and Apartment Therapy.

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