Minimums Lead to Maximums

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It’s easy to look at a consummate professional like Helene Segura and forget that she had to start her business from scratch, just like everyone else.  But she did and she was quick to remind us of her humble beginnings and share some of those early stories during her interview on episode #3 of the Stand Out – Growing Your Organizing and Productivity Business podcast.

Time management fixer Helene Segura is a productivity consultant who provides time management strategies that give busy professionals the powerful strategies and tactics they need to slay wasted time.

The author of Amazon best-selling books Less Stress for Teachers, Road Map to Get Organized and most recently, The Inefficiency Assassin, Helene has been the featured productivity expert in more than 150 media interviews including publications such as US News and World Report and Money Magazine, as well as on Fox, CBS, ABC and NBC affiliates. During her time management keynotes and workshops, she shares her mind-bending framework for decreasing interruptions, distractions and procrastination so that you can spend more time generating revenue.

But she wasn’t always the sought after and well-known professional she is today. Helene was very candid with host Sarah Karakaian as she talked about her early media opportunities and that really, what made her attractive to the news directors is that she would actually show up on time and be prepared.

Helene’s business grew based on many small steps and a consistent effort to better herself. But most of all, it grew because Helene believed in the value of getting out there and hustling harder than anyone else.

Of course, a business can’t be built on hustle alone.  Helene’s business also benefited from her involvement in mastermind groups and her commitment to professionalism.  Earning her CPO® designation set Helene apart from others in the field and demonstrated her level of skill and focus on continuing improvement.

NAPO has played a large role in Helene’s success as well.  As she said in the podcast, “the reason why being a part of NAPO is so important is when you look at other professions that have board certifications or licenses, the successful professionals belong to their national professional organization. It’s just the professional thing to do, so joining NAPO was a given for me.”

One of the techniques that Helene and Sarah discuss during the interview is the idea of setting a minimum. Doing that and sticking to it leads to consistent success, which then leads to shifting your minimum to a maximum!


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