Be Inspired at the NAPO2018 Retreat!

Each year NAPO holds an annual conference to bring networking and education opportunities to its attendees. This year the conference is taking an exciting new form as the 2018 NAPO Retreat, April 27th- 29th, 2018.

While the retreat mentality is strong, NAPO knows that education is the highest priority for conference attendees. As in years past, education is at the forefront of the retreat’s focus.

The selected program is divided into four tracks:

  • Education: These are traditional learning sessions focused on skills organizers can use for and with our clients. Education classes at this year’s conference include: topics on the link between kitchen organization and healthy eating, emergency preparedness, and using technology tools like Outlook to improve efficiency.
  • Business Development & Growth: Most organizers run their own businesses so sessions in this track will focus on business skill-sets to help run and grow our businesses. This year sessions will examine the life-cycle of an organizing career, developing collaborative networks, and saving time with Quickbooks.
  • Experiential: Hands-on learning is a skill that all organizers and productivity experts use with their clients for transference of skills. To teach and encourage this type of learning, we’ve included a brand-new experiential track where attendees will learn by doing. We will get hands-on as we design vision boards, explore space planning, and even learn how to use power tools!
  • Self-Care: The self-care track is a very deliberate addition this year. As business owners (and humans!) we know that self-care can take a backseat to life’s more noticeable and billable needs. The self-care track brings attention back to the importance of taking care of ourselves and reminds us that self-care is crucial to our clients as well. The self-care sessions highlight the ROI of investing in yourself for your business. Self-care sessions delve into topics such as creating work/life/time boundaries, mindfulness, and ways to maximize physical movement efficiency and minimize wear and tear on your body.

For more detailed information on the specifics of the retreat program, visit the retreat schedule here.

Q Center as a Destination– Included in your conference registration & accommodation fees, are 3 meals a day (+ snacks!), 95 acres of beautiful grounds, group activities, networking time and, of course, the President’s Reception. There is even a 4,500 sq ft fitness center, which just happens to be open 24/7, in case all of the knowledge & inspiration keeps you up & you need to burn off energy to get to sleep! When you’re here, you’ll have everything you need to support your learning and recharging. Additionally, the Q Center has a multitude of environmentally friendly practices, which can help you sleep soundly at night.

Smaller Numbers – Perfect for introverts, extroverts and ambiverts, this is sure to be an experience like no other year. Limited attendance offers opportunities for deeper connections. You’ll experience less of a whirlwind of overwhelm and absorb more content! The single-occupant rooms allow you quiet time to process all the tidbits and update goals for your business.

Personal & Career Growth – Some of the best and most memorable times at conference include those down times, where we can stop thinking about our businesses and just be humans. Allow yourself time to interact with organizers outside of your skillsets & geography. How often can you say you danced alongside an organizer who wrote the book that became the basis for your career? (Once a year if you attend every year!) Don’t forget to sign up for the NAPO Buddy Program! You never know who will be your match!

Networking on the national level is especially helpful when you or your clients are moving. Much of our business comes from referrals, so when someone from another state knows you & has chatted with you, they’re more likely to recommend you than some other name on a page. These relationships then become the basis for accountability and growth in your company and with your clients.

Not sure conference is in the budget for 2018? There is still time to check out How do I apply for a conference scholarship? The Barry Izsak | Glorya Schklair Conference Scholarship Fund provides financial support for a minimum of two qualified NAPO Members each year to attend NAPO’s Annual Conference. For the NAPO2018 Retreat, the scholarship provides each recipient a conference registration plus a standard hotel room for two nights. Due to the unique retreat structure, meals are also included in the 2018 scholarship. Scholarship award recipients are still responsible for transportation and other travel expenses related to attending the Retreat. NAPO members of one year or longer may apply for the scholarship on NAPO POINT (deadline November 30). If, despite all this, you still cannot attend this year, check out the programming at your local chapter and regional NAPO events and, of course, watch your NAPO communications for 2019!

The program, the place, the people – what more do you need to convince you that NAPO 2018 Retreat is well worth it’s weight in gold? Be Inspired and grab this opportunity while you can. Register today for the Early Bird Member Rate!

Katie Tracy
Simplicity Expert®, Simple Spaces

Laura Kavinski
Organizational Consultant, Crux Organizing  or (website currently under construction)


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