What to Know About Relocation Stress Syndrome

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Relocation Stress Syndrome (RSS) is a formal diagnosis that can affect seniors during the transition from a long-time home to a senior living community. RSS is also frequently seen when relocating to environments within different levels of care. Whether downsizing, moving in with a child, or relocating to a senior living community, these transitions take time to adjust, on average a minimum of 30 days.

Signs and Symptoms

Understanding the signs and symptoms of Relocation Stress Syndrome is key in helping an individual who is struggling or at risk. Symptoms can include anxiety, confusion, helplessness, changes in eating & sleeping patterns, and withdraw. Be aware that the greatest instances of RSS happen within a 3-month period following the move.

Combating RSS

The best way to combat Relocation Stress Syndrome is to minimize the stress of the move and allow the senior to come to terms with the relocation. Mindy Godding, CPO, CPO-CD of Abundance Organizing, LLC explained three ways to help ease moving stress:

  1. Blend the old and new space to create some familiarity and provide a seamless transition.
  2. Plan the move and use timelines. Organizers act as an advocate to make sure the seniors voice is heard.
  3. Help get the senior acquainted with their new space. Teach them how to use new appliances, etc.

Take advantage of resources like NAPO to help ease this transition. You may need to contact the senior’s doctor if symptoms are dramatic or ongoing.

Moves for Seniors

As the premier moving services provider for seniors, caregivers, and senior living communities, Moves for Seniors knows how difficult moving can be for older adults. We work hard to provide moving solutions that are simple, stress-free, comforting, and pleasant. We help caregivers, family members, and communities mitigate the risk of RSS and take the time to help the older adult become acclimated to their new environment.

Learn more about RSS

Read the entire Moves for Seniors guide on Relocation Stress Syndrome and how it affects seniors here.

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