Overcoming Fears and Obstacles – Rise to the Challenge!

We all have them – no one wants them – what do we do with them?  Fears and obstacles… they can stop us dead in our tracks.  They can paralyze us in ways that we don’t understand and can cause us to avoid situations in which they are present.  Or…. we can face them.  As I was quizzing my youngest daughter in preparation for her science test this week, I found it interesting that they were studying fear, phobias and the biological/chemical components of them.  As I helped her to study, I asked her about her fears.  Does she, at the ripe age of 11, have any “phobias?”  To which her response was, “No Mom, I do not have a malfunction of my amygdala.  My fears are rational and not out of proportion.”  Wow…OK.  Seems like 6th grade science is digging fairly deep on this one.

Her response made me think – where do our fears come from?  What flips that switch that takes something that simply makes us uncomfortable and turns it into a fear?  And once that happens, how do we address that fear?  I used to love scary movies, and the older I get the lower my threshold gets.  I used to enjoy roller coasters and now I can barely watch someone else ride them.  I still love to hike and climb, but I no longer stand close to the edge when I’ve reached the summit.  This month, the NAPO blog will focus on “Overcoming Fears and Obstacles.”  From trying something new to facing a fear head on, or taking on a challenge and living in that uncomfortable space of uncertainty- these topics will be explored.  After all, this is how growth occurs (thank you, again Dr. Abraham Twerski).  NAPO members will investigate and swap methods on facing challenges and overcoming obstacles in this month’s blog.  NAPO members are encouraged to share how they use their training and professional expertise to help clients improve their spaces, their homes and their lives.

Stay tuned to the blog this month, as NAPO explores the different interpretations of fear, overcoming obstacles, and facing challenges.  #NAPOCares encourages members to take on new challenges to help communities in need.  NAPO members delve into methodologies that assist clients who are facing fears or new situations.  Some blogs will challenge readers to take on a new project that they would rather avoid and some blogs will focus on stepping out of a comfort zone.  Would you like to share your ideas?  Submit a blog to NAPO for review.  Don’t be afraid…

blog submitted by Kahra Buss, Membership Communications Manager, NAPO HQ

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