NAPOCares Returns!



submitted by Brenda Tringali, NAPOCares Chair

The NAPOCares Fall initiative has arrived!

NAPO now stands for the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. We strongly believe in leveraging our unique position to give back to our community. In keeping with NAPO’s commitment to social responsibility, the NAPOCares Committee promotes community outreach programs and initiatives to spread NAPO members’ unique knowledge of organizing and productivity.

This year NAPOCares kicked off its Fall Program on 10/01/17 and we’re very excited to announce that, unlike in years past, this will be on-going with no end date in sight!  The goal of the initiative is to let everyone know that NAPO and its members care about our communities and to show how NAPO members, multi-person businesses and chapters give back to these communities each and every day by sharing their time, talents or treasures. We encourage all NAPO members to participate regardless of their specialty.

To kick it off, NAPOCares wants to first focus on the unfortunate victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. As we all know, many areas were devastated and it will take months and years for the victims and their communities to rebuild. Our NAPO members living in affected areas compiled a list of donation resources. The NAPOCares Committee shared this with NAPO members last week and asked them to post these lists on their social media pages and in turn, share them with the public as well.

So, how can YOU participate?

As a NAPO member and/or as a Chapter, there are a couple of different options:

To kick the event off, please tell the world about your own Hurricane-related contributions. Did you take someone in who was in need of shelter? Did you offer free organizing? Did you donate emergency supplies? Whatever you did, please share your stories on social media with the hashtags #NAPOCares and #NAPONatl and a photo if possible. Feel free to submit a blog about it as well! As we all know, this will be an ongoing need for a long time to come so if you haven’t helped yet but want to, this is the perfect time to start planning what you, your business or chapter can do to help!

In Every Day Ways:
Please share on social media how you contribute your time, treasures and/or talents with your community each and every in day in ways unrelated to natural disasters. Did you organize a free workshop for the benefit of the community, donate your time to teach a nonprofit be more productive or donate goods to a charity? Whatever you did, please include the hashtags #NAPOCares and #NAPONatl and a photo if possible.

If you’re not a NAPO member, please help us spread the word about the great work we do. Whenever you see the #NAPOCares or #NAPONatl hashtags on social media posts, please “like” and “share” to show the world that NAPO Cares! And if you’re not currently a NAPO member but would like to be, please click here to join today!

Brenda Tringali is the owner of At Your Fingertips Organizing. She provides residential and workplace organizing services to clients in the Myrtle Beach, SC area & “virtually” anywhere. Drawing from her 30 years of Human Resources/Employment experience, she also coaches individuals on their job searches and provides staffing services for employers as well. In addition to being the Chair of the NAPOCares Committee, Brenda is also Director at Large for the Virtual Chapter as well.

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