“August Creates As She Slumbers, Replete and Satisfied”

This quote by Joseph Wood Krutch, exemplifies the slow and lazy days of summer.  Entering the third, and final month of summer we find ourselves winding down, taking stock and preparing for the upcoming change, not only in the weather but also in our daily lives. As summer begins its sunset, NAPO will focus on the role organizers and productivity professionals serve in many of their clients lives – the role of holistic problem solver. The theme for August is “Relax and De-Stress: The Benefits of a Holistic Approach.”

Professional Organizers and Productivity Consultants focus on more than just a task at hand or a particular job. While each professional has their specialty, and is able to provide guidance in specific areas, Professional Organizers and Productivity Consultants are in their essence, holistic in nature. What does it mean to be holistic? Holistic means that there is an interest in engaging and developing the whole person – or solving a problem at its source. There are different levels of problem solving; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. A holistic approach relates to the concept that the human being is multi-dimensional and therefore so are the needs of NAPO clients.  NAPO is unique in that it offers members the opportunity to even become involved in the Holistic Organizers Special Interest Group.

Professional Organizers and Productivity consultants work with clients who need help within a space, with a process, with a part of their life or with their mental approach. Really, what NAPO members do is provide individuals, families, businesses and organizations with solutions to meet a greater need – peace of mind. For organizers who are helping with space organization the elimination of clutter, opening of space, maximization of utility all provide clients with an improvement of daily function. Organizers or Productivity Consultants who work with students are helping to reduce anxiety, improve daily function and improve life skills. The list of specialties goes on from working with seniors to technology and the common tie that binds is the end result for clients: A reduction in stress and an increase in functionality.

NAPO is home to more than 3,500 members who work daily to improve the lives of others. These professionals work to help individuals, families, organizations and businesses focus and eliminate stress where possible. As summer shadows get longer the Productivity Consultants and Professional Organizers of NAPO are getting ready to share that which they do best – offer solutions to problems, not just tackle the individual symptoms of that problem.

“…and all at once, summer collapsed into fall…” so said Oscar Wilde. We suddenly find ourselves at the end of that slower paced world being thrust back into busy days, less daylight and more to do! As August winds down we must take advantage of this preparation space for the increase in activity that always comes with autumn. Emerging from lazy summer days and entering the hustle-bustle of fall, Professional Organizers and Productivity Consultants help their clients survive the collapse and enter autumn with renewed purpose and efficiency. Join us this month as we explore that process.

Blog submitted by: Kahra F. Buss, NAPO Membership Communications Manager

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