Family Travel Tip #1: Organize, Organize, Organize!

Blog Submitted by Ellen Delap CPO®, NAPO President

This week, NAPO President, Ellen Delap CPO® shares how she applies her professional organizing techniques personally as she and her family travel.  In keeping with the July theme of “building bridges and traveling” Delap and her family are able to maximize their experiences while minimizing their frustrations and maintaining their organization while on the road.

Travelling with Children
On a recent trip with my grandchildren, I knew that we had entered a new age of organizing for families. We love the opportunity to travel with our grandchildren and to take the fun on the road. However, it’s no longer just clothes and shoes to pack. Now, it’s multiple iPads, movies, chargers, medicines, hand sanitizer and more. Here’s some of my best “family travel tips” to make sure you are organized and ready for fun!

Start With a List
These days, there is simply too much to remember to pack for your family. There are a lot of lists available online or you can create your own checklist. Our family’s travel list includes every detail, no matter how small. When you travel with kids you want to be sure you are prepared for anything. To our list we added medicines and first aid supplies. You can be sure your list is complete by adding items and then reviewing it after your trip.  NAPO Corporate Associate Member, The Container Store, offers a terrific Travel Check List to help assist you as you prepare for your next adventure.

Create a Family Command Center
When a family of 5 shares a hotel room, it can be chaotic. It’s easy to lose the most important of items like money or tickets. Create a “command center” with wallets, purses, and other important items. This can be near the television or by the mini refrigerator. Unload your pockets and/or purse each night and reset each morning before you leave your accommodations. Taking a few minutes to set this up and keep it orderly each day will make your travel more fun and less stressful.  Travelling by car?  Try using one of the many organizing products from NAPO Corporate Associate Member Remington Industries like the Rubbermaid large storage bin to keep all of the technology in one place as you go to and from the car!

Create a Charging Station
Just like at home, you want your devices ready to go in the morning. You also want a good night’s sleep without extra noise to keep you awake. We brought along 2 extra power strips to plug in all the devices and created a charging station for all of our devices. Each device had its own charger. I also brought a portable charger for my phone during the day that I would recharge each evening. Devices were plugged in each evening so everyone would get a good night’s rest too. Label each charger so you know who owns it and what device it belongs to.

This summer, while you travel and expand your horizons, keep travel basics in mind as you pack. A little organizing goes a long way!

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