Mission Statements Aren’t Just for Associations!

When an association professional sees the words “mission statement” the first thought that pops in their mind is the section of an association’s bylaws or place on the website that identifies the purpose of the association.

Well, I just had a chance to read my good friend Marsha Rhea’s blog titled “What Change? Get Discipline!”

As usual, Marsha’s message hit a chord with me. Back in 1999, I was in a Vistage Key Executive Group. Basically, Vistage provides leadership training for CEOs of privately held companies that don’t have an outside Board of Directors. The Key Group was a monthly executive leadership group for the individual who was second in command to the CEO/Owner. The monthly Key Group sessions often included a speaker that would build on our leadership skills.

An assignment that resulted from a speaker session way back in 1999 related to requiring each member of the group to write and share a personal mission statement. In going through some files about two years ago, I came across the document that I created for the exercise. I was more than a little pleased to discover that the words that I committed to paper over 16 years ago were still relevant and actually the focal point of how I have in the past and continue to live both my personal and business life.

So, I’m letting you behind the curtain to see what really sits at the core of my being. For those of you who may already know me, I hope that these statements resonate with you and resemble the approach I take to life.

Sue Pine Personal Mission Statement
May 1999

My mission is to maintain a balanced life that integrates my family responsibilities with a challenging career as top management of an association management company. In support of this, I am committed to:
• Continuing to provide a strong family setting for my daughters that fosters an appreciation of love, respect, education, and ambition.
• Continuing to earn the respect of my peers by demonstrating an ethical management style that supports efficiency, fairness, growth, and change.
• Continuing to broaden my knowledge of the association management world through an active involvement in industry organizations. (IAAMC, DVSAE, ASAE) (Now….AMCI, MASAE, ASAE)
• Continuing to give back to my church, profession, and community through quality volunteer efforts.

So, if you’ve never thought about writing your own mission statement, I would suggest it might be an exercise that is well worth the investment of time and energy. My wish for you is that your path stays equally true to your core beliefs…16 years later!

Blog Contributed by, Sue Pine

Senior Director, NAPO

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  1. Thank you for sharing this, Sue! Your post is very timely for me as I’ve been working on my mission statement recently!

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