Livestreaming, or Virtual Conferencing, Has Its Advantages

As we approach the NAPO2017 Conference and Expo, the newest opportunity for NAPO members (and even non-members) is the livestreaming feature offered this year. What is livestreaming, you ask? Said another way, livestreaming IS Virtual Conferencing – the opportunity to attend a conference from the comfort and convenience of your home or office. After much consideration of feedback that has been given over the last two years, NAPO has selected this new attendance option for the NAPO2017 annual conference.

There are hundreds of reasons for members to choose the virtual conference option for NAPO2017.  NAPO investigated virtual conferencing experiences throughout the professional association industry and found that the feedback, from a multitude of professionals, was undeniably positive. From this notable list, NAPO has selected the “top ten” reasons for you to attend NAPO2017 through this new virtual conference option if you are not able to be there in person.

#10: Registering your employees for key sessions benefits their professional development and your overall business productivity. One of the greatest benefits of virtual conferencing is allowing all of the members of your team access to the amazing educational sessions that will be offered at NAPO2017. Connecting your employees to NAPO professional development is a true business investment.

#9: NAPO2017 Livestreaming offers you the opportunity to engage in outstanding educational sessions while refilling your morning coffee in your favorite slippers and comfy clothes! Plus, no packing and unpacking and hoping that your luggage makes it to Pittsburgh! There is nothing worse than losing all of your favorite outfits you packed for conference! Livestreaming and virtual conferencing offer you comfort and convenience!

#8: Connect with a larger, global audience. With so many international NAPO members, this is a tremendous opportunity to broaden your network, expand your horizons and gain different and valuable perspectives! NAPO’s membership spans not only all 50 of the United States, but also 26 countries across the globe!

#7: Save time and money! With the cost and time it takes to trek to and from your conference destination your savings may be tremendous! For some of us Pittsburgh is a quick drive – for others it is across the country or even in a different country! With virtual conferencing, or livestreaming, the conference is as close as your computer screen!

#6: Being a virtual attendee allows you to balance your day to day work demands with conference attendance. Virtual attendees are able to follow along with live discussion threads, ask questions, be active participants and still manage the daily demands of their busy work schedule. Imagine taking client calls, creating proposals, scheduling appointments and pausing to engage with 400 of your fellow NAPO colleagues to take advantage of the latest professional development opportunities in the industry!

#5: Learn a new skill in managing virtual technologies and online tools! With the wave of technology that is cascading over us daily, virtual conferencing is a great way to practice these tools and impress your clients and your colleagues! Virtual conferencing? Oh yes – I’ve done that!

#4: Virtual conferencing provides you with speaker materials and resources that you can use in your day to day work, and that you can start using right away! The idea that a virtual conference session might help you solve a client problem you encounter later in the day is mind blowing! Solving problems before they become problems is the largest skill set of professional organizers!

#3:  Registration fees are manageable for the cost conscious!  For solo-preneurs, start up businesses and individuals who are cost conscious, livestreaming is a cost effective way to participate.  when every penny counts, livestreaming can offer new opportunities for individuals who may not be able to participate otherwise.

#2: Use the time you would use travelling to put all of the new tools and resources to immediate use.   You have gathered a veritable bounty of information from virtual conferencing and you can put those tools and resources to use right away! There is no “waiting period” before you have to put your professional education into practice. You and your clients will benefit from your ability to use information that is fresh!

#1: Virtual conferencing, or livestreaming, is the modern world of conferencing.  According to Dr. Jamie Wilson at, “Sophisticated digital platforms are enabling virtual environments that simulate the benefits of real events, and attendees are beginning to shift to accessing subject matter experts and industry networking online.” Wilson cites reduced costs, advantages to developing relationships and improved means of engaging fellow conference attendees as contributors to this shift.

For more information about NAPO2017 livestreaming visit the NAPO website and register today!  Livestreaming is yet another way NAPO is bridging the world of organization.  We can’t wait to “see” you in Pittsburgh!

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