The public is well-aware of you, well, maybe not you per se, but the term “professional organizer” is familiar to nearly two-thirds of those surveyed. More than half of those surveyed know we assist in both the home and work environments, and they totally get that we reduce clutter, lower stress, and help them find things easier. In fact, 22% of all respondents who’ve never used our services would consider hiring us. One of the primary factors that influence this decision is whether their friends or family members saw results. So be sure you’re taking photos (with permission of your clients) and asking them to post testimonials on social media. And if they give you a referral that pans out, be sure to reward them!

The tough nuts are those 50% of respondents who have not yet used a professional organizer and are holding back. Why? No, it’s not value. “I think it’s a waste of money” actually comes in fifth place. Is it cost? No, guess again. The number one reason people do not consider hiring a professional organizer is “I can do it myself.” Okay. Have at it. But when your home office explodes or your den has to house your returning adult children, we’ll be here for you. The office and den are the most disorganized rooms of a home, according to the survey at 42%, followed by the kitchen (35%), laundry room (33%) and master bedroom (30%).

25-34 year olds are most primed to hire a professional organizer, the survey reveals, follows closely by 35-44 year olds. And although the survey does not make it clear what they might need from us that differs from other age groups, we know that these millennials have just surpassed the Baby Boomers in numbers reaching 75.4 million this year. So there’s plenty of business go to around.

Once we get our foot in the door, we really shine. 73% of respondents with prior use of a professional organizer would hire one again and not just for clutter-control but for the broader benefits of increased safety and security and improved relationships. Who knew? Well, now you know!

Conducted in April, 2016 by NAPO, the first annual Public Survey is sponsored by the National Association of Professional Organizers. It surveys 1001 qualified respondents on questions related to residential and office organization, organizing industry awareness, and perceptions of the public to that industry. Qualified respondents are US citizens only, over the age of 25 and who own their own home. For more information about these results, please contact Kahra Buss at kahra.buss@napo.net.

Thank you to Judith Kohlberg, FileHeads Professional Organizers, for submitting this blog on behalf of the NAPO Information & Research Committee.


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