Top 3 Messiest Life Spaces: Things to Digitize


  1. Recipes – digitize family favorites to a cloud storage folder (Dropbox, Evernote, etc.) and share Grandma’s Pot Roast with your cousins or save for your kids
  2. Mail – scan your snail mail right when you pick it up to eliminate clutter and prevent misplacement
  3. Greeting Cards – save notes from loved ones or for special occasions
  4. Kid Stuff – scan artwork, homework, report cards and school photos to preserve the memories while eliminating physical storage
  5. Important Docs – digitize critical records that you’re sure you’ll need someday…warrantees, bills, insurance information, Will, mortgage docs


  1. Financials – Organize invoices, bills, receipts, etc. and stay on top of payments
  2. Documents In-Progress – Digitize documents that you collaborate on, such as contracts, briefs or other records so you can easily share with clients and colleagues through your network drive, email or cloud application
  3. Business cards- scan and organize your business contacts using CardMinder, and export into Outlook or content management system such as Evernote
  4. Employee information- Keep all your HR information organized and secure


  1. Receipts – Scan receipts for budgeting or returns, but either way you’ll finally be able to find them when you need them
  2. Handwritten Notes – From brilliant business ideas to the Dr.’s callback number, don’t lose those scribbled memos
  3. Service Records – From new tires to oil changes, digitizing your car’s records can help you keep up with maintenance






By: Fujitsu

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