GO Month Organizing Tip for Digital Organization

Digital Organization is the theme for this week. Share some tips on how to organize your digital life below. #GetOrganizedMonth #GOMonth2017 #GONAPO

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4 thoughts on “GO Month Organizing Tip for Digital Organization

  1. Create a separate email address for shopping and reading. Your shopping email address is where all coupons and offers arrive. Your reading email address is where blogs, journals, and newsletters arrive. By segregating your incoming mail, you prioritize what’s most important to address daily.

  2. Unroll Me (free app or website) has been incredibly helpful for decreasing the number of email subscriptions.

    Moving everything to cloud based storage and creation is essential for easy access and collaboration.

  3. The Scannable app (by Evernote) is an amazing scanner for your phone. It’s incredibly easy to use, and allows you to save the scan as a PDF or JPEG and send it anywhere you like through excellent integration with other apps and tools. You don’t have to use Evernote to reap the benefits.

    I send my PDFs to my virtual file cabinet in Google Drive, and I have access to all of it wherever I go. And better still, I can lighten the paper load enormously.

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