GO Month Organizing Tip for Management & Productivity

The theme for the 2nd week of #GetOrganizedMonth is Time Management/ Productivity. What advice has helped you manage your time better? Share your tips below #GOMonth2017 #GONAPO

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4 thoughts on “GO Month Organizing Tip for Management & Productivity

  1. Hi,
    I just wanted to share with you a great find on how to organize your stud and post earrings. The company is called Never Lost Earrings and I found her on Etsy. Staci has created the most simple, cutest earring organizers where you keep the earring backs on! She has many different designs to fit your individual space or if you have an existing jewelry box, she can custom make inserts to fit inside. It’s genius and so practical. You will be able to display and organize all your earrings so they are not just in a jar or rolling around your drawers. Check it out!

  2. Three indispensable productivity apps: Evernote [for overall info management, archiving, search/ retrieval]; Rescue Time [tracks where all my time goes! … categorizes & reports stats, so you can monitor & take corrective action] ; and Pocket [clips articles/blogs to read later, allowing tagging to mark for use in business ops or social media, for example.] All of these apps are desktop, laptop & mobile compatible, as well as free!

  3. Grocery IQ or AnyList (free apps) allow me to keep a list of items I need at any any store. I keep a list for any store I regularly visit (grocery, Target, Walgreens, Lowe’s, etc.) so that when I am there, I will be sure to remember it, and my list is with me all the time.

    When I have items I need to take somewhere, I go ahead and put them in the car. Then it’s easy to drop them off while I am out.

  4. I like to plan things on a weekly basis. Do a “brain dump” of everything you need or want to do that week, then choose the day it will be done based on your schedule for the week. If you can’t fit it all in, push some things off to a future week. The Planner Pad is a great tool for this and it comes in a paper or electronic version: http://www.plannerpads.com.

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